Contacts and useful links


SHAG board members:

Name Title
Joe Rivers President
Carolyn Matthews Secretary
Fred Conrad Treasurer

Contacts and useful links outside of SHAG organization:

Hamilton County CAGIS (Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System). The purpose of this interactive map is to assist residents and property owners in promoting economic development in Hamilton County.  There are many layers on this map such as zoning restrictions and requirements for individual parcels, individual parcel ownership information, Township and City boundaries just to mention a few.

Sevenhills a great website to join for posting general messages about services you need or perform, items you wish to sell buy or give away. Events, Alerts, or just to do a general poll. You can choose to allow information you post or receive to only go to residence of seven Hills or other nearby neighborhoods.

Hamilton County auditor . This is where you can do a property search for all homes and businesses in Hamilton County. This is non-mapping version of the CAGIS link above. Best for finding information on property where you already know the address.

Springfield Township website  I found the easiest way to navigate this site is to click on quick links. From here there are other links where you can report road issues, high grass etc.

Springfield township Staff directory

Name Title Notes
Chris Gilbert Administrator Property and maintenance issues
Mike Gould Public Work director zoning and nuisance complaints
David Doerger zoning inspector report hi grass trash etc.
Kim Flamm Marketing, Communications For event planning
Cindy Thumann zoning Former receptionist
Katherine Receptionist 513-522-1410
Robert Browder police chief 513-729-1300

Forest Park Staff Directory

Name Phone Notes
Dave Buesking 513-595-5258 ext 257 for issues in old Kmart parking lot
Forest Park Police 513-595-5223 Report unlawful and drug activity in old Kmart parking lot