About SHAG

S.H.A.G. (Seven Hills Action Group) is a citizens group which strives to provide support to the com­munity. Every community needs a safe, secure and healthy location in which to live and thrive.

S.H.A.G. was founded in June 2015 from the voices of a few concerned residents of Seven Hills who were tired of seeing their neighborhood decline in “pride and property value” and increase in “crime and liter.” Bryan Dell, a BSW student at Northern Kentucky University, took on the responsibility of organizing and bringing together this small group of residents who presently see Seven Hills as an at-risk neighborhood. However, S.H.A.G. believes that positive change is possible and is committed to making a difference.

Present Accomplishment

  • Neighborhood clean-ups
  • Worked with Township in building of new Frost playground.
  • Partnered with Springfield Township Police and Overflow Ministries

Future Goals

  • Keep Neighborhood Free of Litter
  • Increase Property Value
  • Curtail Crime
  • Increase Police Presence
  • Neighborhood Garage Clean-outs
  • Neighborhood Watch Program