About SHAG

S.H.A.G. (Seven Hills Action Group) is a citizens group which strives to provide leadership and support to the com­munity. Every community needs a safe, secure and healthy location in which to live and thrive. Investing time in the youth is investing time in our community’s future. Reshape the vulnerable lives with community, partners and leaders giving children and families the confidence to create a bright future. S.H.A.G. will address all of the community whole interest through serving its parts. All residents are welcome to participate!

S.H.A.G. was founded in June 2015 from the voices of a few concerned residents of Seven Hills who were tired of seeing their neighborhood decline in “pride and property value” and increase in “crime and liter.” Bryan Dell, a BSW student at Northern Kentucky University, took on the responsibility of organizing and bringing together this small group of residents who presently see Seven Hills as an at-risk neighborhood. However, S.H.A.G. believes that positive change is possible and is committed to making a difference.


  • Neighborhood clean-ups
  • Participated in building of new Frost playground
  • Partnered with Springfield Township Police and Overflow Ministries

Future Goals

  • Keep Neighborhood Free of Litter
  • Increase Property Value
  • Curtail Crime
  • Increase Police Presence
  • Provide Summer Jobs and Community Service Credits for Students
  • Year-end Neighborhood Garage Clean-outs
  • Neighborhood Watch Program