Lets make 7 Hills Walkable

I believe the first step in making a community livable is to make it walkable. The next step is to make it easy to get around without a car with good transit and bike friendly roads. Check out Walkable cities.

5 thoughts on “Lets make 7 Hills Walkable

  1. Next step in the “walkable” is placing a “reminder” post containing plastic bags and trash cans at the ends of the path. I’ve noticed those walking dogs on the path are not following through.


  2. Last night some children were viewed throwing limbs and wood across the fence into my back yard. If SHAG is encouraging or even paying these children to clean up the installed walkway, please consider teaching them to respect their elders (bone-on-bone arthritis both knees does not let me clean up after them). These may be the same children that “painted” playground equipment as they ran in that direction.



    • Please come to our next meeting in October. SHAG is just a group of neighbors like yourself that get together once a month to discuss issues and problems in the neighborhood and try to come up with solutions. Very much like a Facebook group except instead of posting messages everyone meets and discusses things face to face.


  3. This group of neighbors are just bullies. I’ve received my second citation and a court date because I painted only the front of my ranch house. The first came just after my furnace broke and it took a long time to get it repaired. I’ve gotten estimates to paint the house; all of which I can’t afford on the small Social Security I get. Many of the painters said the job was too small. Some never showed up. I can’t sit, stand, or walk far with my knees this sever and my damaged hands don’t hold things properly anymore or I’d climb a ladder and paint it myself. Will SHAG be placated for my transgression as the cold will kill my knees going to court and I don’t know how they handle daily meds when your’re locked up. I’m 75 yrs old and wish you happy Thanksgiving!


  4. This is a perfect example of what’s not supposed to happen. I didn’t get involved with this group to cause financial hardship for Seniors on fixed incomes. Please email me your contact information and I will help you resolve this. Fred Conrad, fchog@fuse.net


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