Lets make 7 Hills Walkable

I believe the first step in making a community livable is to make it walkable. The next step is to make it easy to get around without a car with good transit and bike friendly roads. Check out Walkable cities. Something I noticed here is the cities that ranked highest also have high property values. Please show interest in walking groups on your SHAG online membership. It’s completely voluntary with no commitment. If something comes up and you can’t make it no big deal.  The purpose of the walking group is to explore the neighborhood outside the confinements of a vehicle and get a little exercise. Please join me in this activity. Schedules and meeting places are wide open at this time. To kick it off, I’ll suggest Saturday morning at 10 AM and meet at the new playground on Mistyhill Dr. located where the old Frost elementary  entrance was.To suggest a different time and place please contact shag@fuse.net .  I’m available on the weekends but very limited during the workweek.But don’t let that keep you from doing a walk without me. So please chime in.

Fred Conrad
Your Neighbor at 2081 Mistyhill Drive


2 thoughts on “Lets make 7 Hills Walkable

  1. Next step in the “walkable” is placing a “reminder” post containing plastic bags and trash cans at the ends of the path. I’ve noticed those walking dogs on the path are not following through.


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